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VitaJuwel Gemstone Vials

VitaJuwel has been a family-run business since 2007 and is based in the German Alps. We take pride in designing unique, lead-free premium glass vials made by master craftsmen following  century-old Bohemian traditions. Key component of those vials are precious, hand-selected and fairly-traded gems from the most exotic places on earth.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have made it their daily habit to drink gem water treated with VitaJuwel vials. VitaJuwel stands for economical and hygienic production of gem water.

Together with our be a beautiful glass decanters, each VitaJuwel vial is an original piece of art that enhances any décor.

Their sophisticated looks make them stylish addition to any health  conscious household and a perfect gift for someone you love.

And last but not least: It will make you drink more fresh and healthy water!
          VitaJuwel-Set rund

VitaJuwel vials are available in a variety of different blends of gemstones, each unique in design and suitable for every budget.