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Winedecanter VitaJuwel

Besides the taste, true wine lovers also give great importance to the manner in which they consume their wine, the celebration. So of course a beautiful decanter, which contributes to a classy and exquisite enjoyment of the wine, is essential. The VitaJuwel decanter is a true masterpiece through its hand craft and an extraordinary piece of decoration. In combination with VitaJuwel gemstone vial, indulgence of some of life's pleasurable moments can even be more intense.




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Gemstone Vial "Vino"

amethyst - rock crystal

VitaJuwel Vino 135x235

Winedecanter VitaJuwel

exquisite enjoyment of the wine

Dekanter wein klein-1 235x135

VitaJuwel Droplet-Amethyst

enjoy red wine where ever you gophiolino-45-gedreht 235x135