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Granfontana-Gläser-1 auscchnitt klein

Water on a Grand Scale!

Our dispenser – together with its extra-large vial – holds a whole gallon of gem water. As a stylish alternative to ordinary water dispensers, it has become an eye-catching addition at thousands of breakfast buffets, spas, conference rooms and  doctor s' offices around the world. As a more elegant and cost-effective  alternative to bottled water, it is  used at business meetings and conferences. But why not share your gem water experience with your friends, family and guests?

Our GranFontana provides enough water for a whole family and is quite the
conversation piece!




GranFontana 5L-Set


Granfontana-Gläser-1 auscchnitt 135x235

Drinking glass set (6 pcs.)

enclose 6 drinking glasses

Gläser 2 800