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The VitaJuwel USA Inc. is in possession of a comprehensive trademark rights package

Time and again, it happens that successful ideas and products are imitated. The VitaJuwel USA Inc. is in possession of a bundle of trademark rights for the VitaJuwel gemstone vial and will – as it already happened in the past – continue to act on any trademark rights infringement.

In October 2009, several preliminary injunctions were issued, and simultaneously many gemstone vials were confiscated that were looking similar to the VitaJuwel, but were not produced by us.

Our organization’s main emphasis will be placed on the optimization of our products and – if necessary, in the utilization of our trademark rights – so we will successfully continue to fend off any imitation or forgery of our products in the future. VitaJuwel GmbH already thanks all customers in advance for their trust in our products. The exclusivity of the VitaJuwel will continue to be protected based on the registered trademark rights.